jueves, 11 de marzo de 2010

Mañana será mi día

..You're a vanishing image of what I thought I knew
but it comes to show that the man I know
has a fading glow in a white lampshade...

Tell me lampshade the truth did you cover his soul? Did you protect all the horrible? 
I shall tear you apart so that everyone knows what he's been carrying around?
Tell me lampshade what is it you're trying to hide under your stinky old corduroy?
I shall rip and be shattered by the shrapnell of light that I've been choking on always 

Pfff... mañana me toca... 
no quiero decirles la EMOCIÓN que manejo
Será EL concierto de MI año.

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el chilango dijo...

yo creí que ya había sidooo

mucha suerte!